OxyClassifieds version 9.9 launched -- Jan 12 2021, 12:00 PM

New additions in version 9.9

2 Factor Authentication for administrator and users.

2 Factor Authentication adds another level of protection to administrator account or/and user accounts. This feature can be enabled from Security / Security Settings section, and if enabled, the login process will ask as a second authentication step for a One Time Password generated using a unique secret key to every account. Administrator can opt to send this password code via SMS, if a SMS gateway is enabled, or a mobile app like Google Authenticator can be used instead to get the One Time Password code.

Openstreetmap as an alternative for Google Maps

Since Google Maps is becoming a paid service, we offer a free option for maps using Openstreetmap. Administrator can choose the map type from Settings / General Settings - Map Type

Location autosuggest and Distance search features are for now only available with Google Maps, and not with the new Openstreetmap implementation.

Code updated for PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8

Fixes to the code for the latest PHP & MySQL versions.

Admin verification for user fields

Admin verification enabled for user fields will keep each value added or edited by users for these fields pending until administrator checks and allows it. It is useful for sensitive information like phone numbers, pictures, HTML code in various situations.

User groups selection for listing fields

You can now assign listing fields to all or some user groups only.

HTML button field type

HTML button is a new type of field which allows HTML code. HTML tags will not be stripped from this field. User will be able to add Payment buttons for example.

We recommend however caution and perhaps using the new Admin verification feature with this to make sure you're not allowing malicious code into your site.

Coupons start and end date

You can configure dates for coupons so they can automatically start at a specific date and expire at a date.

Admin side colorschemes

Different colorschemes for administrator side are now available.

You can now Flag IP addresses

Aside from blocking IP addresses you can now flag them. This way you can monitor some IPs without actually blocking them. IPs can be flagged from Manage Listings, Users List and Messages sections, and can be further managed in Security / Block/Unblock IPs / Flagged IPs

New BitPay / BTCPay Crypto payment gateway

Bitpay Crypto Currencies payment has been added. The implementation is also compatible with BTCPay payment servers

New Payment Gateways: Paydunya, euPlatesc, aamarPay, EBANX

Paydunya - Senegal and other Francophone African countries payment processor

euPlatesc - Romanian payment processor

aamarPay - debit and credit card payment for Bangladesh

EBANX - payment for Latin American consumers


Hide contact via Email button

You have the option in Settings / Listings Settings section to choose if you want to allow Email contact form for listing details page. You have three options: Yes, No and User choice. When the last option is selected the user will be able to choose when posting or editing a listing, or later from My Listings section if the Email contact form should be active for a particular listing.

Possibility to change admin folder name

You can physically change the folder name for administrator side, if you modify one line in the configuration file.

New module: Adblock detector

When Adblock is detected the script displays a window with your own editable text.

New module: Change Foreground Theme

Allow users to select a default theme from their user accounts. The site will be seen with that theme when they are logged with thir user accounts.

Make an Offer for Price extra module

When a listing is marked as Negotiable, on the listing details page there will be a Make an Offer button which guests will be able to use in order to send their offers. The offers will be received via email and can also be seen in My Listings section.

List Dealers Page module new features:

Show Dealers Page only to logged users - hides Dealers List page to not logged in guests.

Categories images - when Group dealers by categories option is enabled you can configure an image for each category.

Comments module new features:

Allow owner to delete comments, Allow owner to enable/disable comments and Allow owner to edit comments

Enable/disable Name field for comments

Ratings and Reviews module new features:

Latest listing reviews and Latest user reviews on the first page.

Enable/disable Name field for reviews

Latest visited module new features:

Show extended list - show a larger number of ads on a separate page with the latest visited ads, aside from the Latest Visited box.

New admin side features

Add multiple categories at once from Manage Categories section

Copy option for categories added - a new category with the same name and features will be created.

Multi select option in Manage listings page for Auto Repost and Bump ads

Various new small features:

Configure as SMS Gateway Settings extra content for the SMS sent to users.

Dealers can edit URL slug option in Settings / Extra visibility options.

Multiselect boxes for Flux template in quick search form.

Enable/disable Verification captcha for Email alerts form.

OxyClassifieds version 9.8 launched -- Jan 2 2020, 5:59 PM

New additions in version 9.8

1. New Auto Repost Ads module

Auto Repost ads is a new paid feature which allow users to push their listings to the top of the search list a number of times at a specific interval by changing the listing update date. You as administrator will be able to setup a price per one repost, and users will be able to buy a number of reposts at a selected interval (number of hours or days). They will also be able to select preferred hours when the reposts are executed.

This module can only be used if your hosting allows Cron Jobs. You will need to configure an hourly Cron Job with a line provided in the module settings.
The ads are posted on top by changing the listing update date. If you have Priority ads enabled, the prioritized ads will still show on top of all the other listings, including the reposted ones.

The difference between Auto Repost module and the older Bump ads module is that bumped ads are prioritized ads and will show always on top, while the reposted ads will show after the prioritized ads.

2. New Private site module

If you enable this module, your site will not allow guests to browse your site, only logged in users will be able to access it.

Make sure you edit the text on the login page to explain the users they need to login. You can do that from Templates / Info Templates section, login template.

3. Comments module will allow you to select only a group of categories where comments will be present

4. Linkify module will allow you to enable this feature only for certain User Groups or for Featured ads

5. List Dealers Page module will allow you to configure the order in which the dealers will show

You can select the field which will be used to order the dealers list and the ascending / descending direction.

6. Dealers Page menu link for List Dealers Page module defined as custom page

You can make the settings you can do for any custom page from Tools / Custom Pages section, like changing the menu where the link appears and the order in the menu as well as the title of the Dealers link.

7. HTML Editor for Listing Plans

You can now configure if you want to allow HTML editor for listings from specific plans. You can configure this option now by editing each listing plan from Listings / Listing Plans section.

8. Linkedin and Pinterest Share buttons in Social Networks module

You can enable Linkedin and Pinterest Share buttons to show up in listings details page.

9. added as an option for Spam Prevention module

You can enable checks for IPs and Emails against spam lists. You can also choose to add the IP information received from to users info box which shows up in Users / Users List section by clicking on the info icon. That will give you information like location, ISP, fraud score, if IP is detected as a Proxy, VPN or TOR, or if is a mobile, a crawler or a bot.

10. Limit number of accesses in a period of time for a number of hours in Spam Prevention module

You can block IPs which access your site a minimum number of times during a period of time, or access the same page for a number of times.

OxyClassifieds version 9.7 launched -- May 24 2019, 12:11 PM

New additions in version 9.7

1. New URGENT extra option.

Listings will be marked with the URGENT tag to increase visibility. You can use this extra option as a paid one, or you can include it as default option for various listing plans.

2. New Site URL extra option.

If you want to only allow URLs as a paid extra options you can do so now. The URLs will be visible in the listing details page next to a Website URL icon.

3. Multiple Payment Plans for Featured option.

You can now define multiple payment plans for Featured extra option. Each plan will define a price and a period of time.

4. Explanatory text and images for extra options.

You can now improve the way you explain extra options to your users by adding extra text and uploading images which will clarify the way each extra option will increase the ad visibility. You can add these settings from Settings / Extra Visibility Options page.

5. Changes in Search page Noindex, nofollow settings.

You can now configure a third option only for listing search page, Only for pages with no search results, which will mark pages which have no search results as noindex, nofollow pages.

6. An extra option was added to Settings / Email Settings to allow emails to be sent with the administrator email as sender

Some servers only allow sending out emails using a range of emails created on local domains. For these type of servers, make sure you enable Send emails with administrator email as sender option.

OxyClassifieds version 9.6 launched -- Jan 20 2019, 7:20 PM

New additions in version 9.6

1. New Suspend/Ban Users module

Using this module you will be able to either suspend users for a number of days or ban them. This is a useful addition to the Spam Prevention module and the Block IP and Email security features.

2. New Showcase module

A new paid feature which allows your users to showcase some of their listings. Those listings will be featured on the user page right on top. You can configure this either as a paid option or an option offered for free for a specific user group.

3. New function added to Spam Prevention module: Waiting Time

Another spam prevention feature which will allow you to configure a minimum waiting time after posting a listing. The users won't be able to post a new listing until the waiting time expires. This can greately reduce the amount of spam listings posted on your site.
You can limit this restriction for just some user groups. This way your premium users will still be able to add big amounts of listings.

4. Changes to Refine search form: the possibility to count the number of ads and multiple choices for menus, depending and radio fields

If you enable the option Count results in refine search in Settings / Listing Settings section, the results for each element and category in the Refine box will be counted. Menus, Radio fields and Depending fields will allow multiple selections for the search using checkboxes.

5. Configure VAT percentage to display on invoices

If your country requires VAT percentage to be present on your invoices you can configure the value of VAT in Settings / Payment Settings / Invoice Settings section.

6. Configure different return percentages and cookie availability for different affiliate user groups

You can now make different settings regarding Affiliates for each of the affiliates user groups.

7. New custom field types: Video and Audio fields

Allow to upload Mp4 files using Video custom field and Mp3 for Audio fields. The videos and audio files will show on your site with the default HTML5 players.

8. 2 new customizable Extra Options for Price Extra module

You can now configure 2 more extra options which will appear with checkboxes similar to Negotiable. Use these for special categories like renting categories or other which may need extra configurable options.

9. Show Click to chat button for Whatsapp fields when accessing from mobile

When accessing from a mobile device, the Whatsapp field will display a Click to chat button instead of showing the Whatsapp number.

10. Allow to search for auctions as administrator in Manage Listings section

11. Possibility added to define messages for login and password recovery pages


OxyClassifieds version 9.5 is launched -- May 10 2018, 7:43 AM

Open source script.

Starting with version 9.5, OxyClassifieds is 100% source code. This means you won't be limited in any way if you wish to make modifications to the code.
Also this means Ioncube loaders are no longer a requirement for our script.

New modules:

1. Claim a listing - allows owners to reclaim listings posted without a user account. In case they misplaced the initial email which contains the URL meant to be used to modify or delete the listing data or photos, they can retrieve that URL directly from the listing details page using their email address, without administrator assistance.
2. Mailchimp - ads a new subscription to Mailchimp every time a user registers or a listing contact form is filled.
3. QR code - displays on listing details page a QR code containing the current listing URL.
4. Adult disclaimer - shows an adult content disclaimer for the whole site. The difference between this module and Adult categories module is that the last one only shows the disclaimer when accessing ads belonging to a category, while the new Adult disclaimer module will show the disclaimer text first time when the site is accessed, no matter which page is accessed.

New payment processors:

1. Webxpay - Sri Lanka payment processor
2. mobilPay - Romanian payment processor

New features:

1. A new configuration is possible for user groups: Post ads. This particular flag controls if users belonging to that group can post ads or not. This is particularly useful with the next modification regarding affiliate accounts, and you can now decide if you want to allow them to post ads.
2. Affiliates now belong to the same pool as the rest of the users. To give affiliate capabilities to a user group you must enable Affiliate accounts option for that user group settings.
You can allow now affiliates to post ads if you wish using the Post ads configuration for the Affiliates user group.
3. Listings import (admin side) and Bulk uploads (user side) code improvements allow larger import files now. Note the same is not true for Scheduled imports, where there are still limitations depending on your server resources and configuration.
4. When both Username and Email fields are enabled on registration form, users can use either of them to login on their accounts.
5. You can now configure the Noindex, nofollow option for each of the custom pages
6. Flux template allows now extra quick search fields. Any listing custom field which has Quick search option enabled will appear on top search form just like for the other templates.
7. The administrator and moderators can now edit the contact information for listings posted without a user account from Manage Listings section, Modify ad settings.
8. Bumped ads are now marked accordingly on administrator interface as well.
9. News and Listing compare modules have now search engine friendly URLs.
10. Password and Email type fields allow for a new configuration Use double verification. You can choose which of these fields the user will need to repeat to make sure they introduced it correctly.

OxyClassifieds version 9.4 is launched -- Jan 9 2018, 7:35 AM

New additions in version 9.4:

1. A new URL structure

A cleaner looking URL structure, featuring readability. The URLs are composed using URL Slugs which you can edit for categories and custom pages.

The new URL structure comes with the possibility to edit the part of URL which designates the page, for example you will be able to change the words search or register with maybe other words which translate them in your language. You can do this from Settings / Seo Settings section, Edit links structure. Pay attention, this needs changes to .htaccess file also.

Important! If you update your site to this version and not install clean, the Legacy URL structure will be used, this means you will have the links exactly as before. To make use of the new URL structure go to Settings / Seo Settings section and disable Search engine friendly URLs legacy mode.

2. Legacy links compatibility module

If you want to use the new URL structure, but your site was indexed with the Legacy URL format, this module forces the script to support both URL types, legacy and current, and also adds canonical URLs in order to avoid duplicate content issues.

3. Stripe payment

Stripe, a payment processor available in 25 countries and supporting credit card, ACH, Bitcoin and more.

Important! To enable it, your server needs to have at least PHP 5.3.3 version and to have installed curl, json and mbstring extensions. Also you need to have a SSL certificate installed and use https protocol for your site.

4. Change the order of the news in News module

You can now order the news based on an order number, by default they are just ordered by date. Use the up and down arrows to change the order of the news in the site frontend.

5. Twitter custom field type

A special field to hold a Twitter account, which will appear with a link towards the Twitter account next to a Twitter icon.

6. Meta fields for Twitter cards

When postings ads on Twitter is enabled in Social Networks module, the script will create the proper meta fields for Twitter cards: image, title, description and Twitter account.

7. Open banners in a new window or not

You have now the possibility to choose whether banners should open in the same window or in a new window.

8. Forbidden words applied to messages

Forbidden words will apply to messages sent between users as well.

OxyClassifieds version 9.3 is launched -- Oct 24 2017, 6:08 PM

New additions in version 9.3:

1. Location Autosuggest and Distance Search for Flux template

You will be able to enable Location autosuggest and Distance search using Google maps API.

Please consult the online documentation for these features before enabling them.

Important! At the moment these new featured can only be used on Flux template.

2. Video Ads module

Shows a number of video ads on the first page, and a link towards an All video ads page.

3. Auto Renew module

Automatically renews expired ads after a configured number of days. You can choose to renew all ads, or only those belonging to some listing plans.

4. New payment processors - PayU and CinetPay

PayU - processing local payments in 16 markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America.

CinetPay - mobile payment solution for Côte d’Ivoire

5. New SMS Gateway - Altiria

6. Clickable Call and SMS links

When accessing the listing details page with a phone, if a phone field is available it will appear as 2 clickable buttons: Call and SMS, which will initiate either a call or a SMS message for that phone number.

7. Phone number added to contact forms

When sending a message to a listing owner using the contact form, your visitors will be able to enter their phone number in a separate box.

8. Latest visited module changes

You can now configure to show the Latest visited module box on index page as well.

OxyClassifieds version 9.2 is launched -- Jun 28 2017, 7:24 AM

New additions in version 9.2:

1. Limit ads per account module

This module allows you to limit the number of total ads posted for a user account. When maximum of allowed ads is reached the older ads will be deleted.

2. Latest Visited module

Shows the latest ads seen by the current visitor. You can configure the number of latest visited ads shown and to choose if to show them on search pages and/or listing details pages.

3. Confirm both via Email and SMS

When configuring user groups or posting listing by not logged in users you will have now the possibility not to choose between the options to activate the account or listings via Email or SMS but you can also select them both. When both the checkboxes are selected, a SMS message is sent containing a code and an Email is sent containing the activation URL where the code must be entered.

4. Mandatory photo as listing plan option

The new option At least one photo mandatory added to the listing plans settings allows you to require at least a photo for listing plans.

5. Extra "Top" banner position on top right of logo for Flux template

An extra banners position which is placed at the right side of the logo only for Flux template for now has been added. Note that banners belonging to this position will only appear on high page widths and will be hidden on smaller widths and mobiles.

6. Facebook Page Plugin, which will replace the deprecated Facebook's Recent Activity and Like Box

Replacing the deprecated Recent Activity and Like Box plugins, Page Plugin offers you the possibility to show feeds from Timeline, Events or Messages of your Facebook page.

7. Seo Settings changes - the possibility to use Smarty tags

In order to create comprehensive sentences as title or meta description for your site, you can now use Smarty tags embeded in the Seo Settings. This feature requires basic understanding of how conditional statements work and understanding of Smarty syntax. Please read our documentation in order to use this feature.

8. All option for menus and depending fields

The new option All for menus and depending fields will show the value All at the top of the list of values. When this value is selected, searches for any value in the list will return a positive for listings which have All value selected.

9. The possibility to disable sending emails to user when a listing is posted

Now you can disable announcing the user when a new listing is posted using the setting Send notification to user / When new listing is posted in Settings / General Settings section.

10. 404 code for non existing listing

Listings which have been deleted will return now 404 Not Found code instead of 200 Ok code.

11. Configure extra sitemap entries

If you need extra entries than the ones automatically generated with the Google Sitemap then you can add them now. Note that the entries need to be in the recognized XML format, so make sure you check the documentation before you use it.

12. Select category for Loan Calculator module

You can now configure only some categories for Loan calculator module, so you can show it when the category is appropriate.

13. New option for Tag Cloud module

The new option Split search expressions in multiple tags was added for Tag Cloud module. When it is enabled, it splits the search key into words and keeps the tags as single words. When it is enabled it keeps the search keys as they are searched, even if they are multiple words.

14. Some Flux template changes

I. If you have a great number of categories Flux template will display them on multiple rows on first page. The number of categories to show on a row is configured using Settings / Site Appearance Categories setting, so don't forget to check that value once you update your site.

II. The category list will display also on mobile version of the responsive template.

OxyClassifieds version 9.1 is launched! -- Apr 1 2017, 3:30 PM

New additions in version 9.1:

1. Flux, a new responsive template

The new Flux template a modern looking, cutting edge, responsive template with 11 color schemes, Masonry type grid layout for listings display, a simpler and more condensed listing details page and many more.

2. Private/Professional search tabs

By enabling the Search by account type option from Settings / Listings Settings section and configuring which user groups are considered professionals you will get 3 extra tabs in the search page: All, Private and Professional. Your guests will be able to better select what they are looking for.

3. Whatsapp type custom field

Similar to the Phone field type, Whatsapp will be hidden and with a Show button to hide its contents from bots.

4. One step registration form

The extra pre-register.php page is removed, and the user group is selected directly on registration page.

5. Custom pages can be assigned to user groups

You can now add custom pages which are only visible to some user types. You can select one or multiple user groups, or not logged in guests, and only the selected will be able to see the link and content of the page.

6. This version is fully tested for PHP7

You can now take advantage of PHP7 speed because this version is fully supported.

7. Minimized CSS and Javascript files

CSS and Javascript files are minimized and better packed for the best performance.

8. Default number of credits for user groups

You can now configure a default credits number for users registering to a certain group.

9. Using decimals for number of credits

As requested by many of you, credits support now decimals. From now on credits will not be considered as integer numbers, the exact floating number amount will be deducted when a payment is done.

10. Enable auction directly when posting a listing

If enabled, auctions don't have to be enabled only from My listings section anymore. When posting a listing you have the option to create the auction directly.

11. Enable/Disable listing plans

You don't have to delete unused listing plans now, you can just disable them so you can reuse them later.

OxyClassifieds version 8.10 is launched! -- Dec 27 2016, 9:14 PM

New additions in version 8.10:

1. PDF downloadable invoices

You can now generate automatically downloadable PDF invoices for every payment made towards your site. You must enable and configure this option in Settings / Payment Settings / Invoice Settings.

Attention! This feature requires PHP version 5.3 or higher, DOM extension and MBString extension.

2. Bump ad module

A new paid extra feature which allows users to push their listings to the top of the search list for a period of time. You can choose when a listing is bumped to also update the posting date to the current date.

3. Mobile Home Screen Icon module

This module allows you to configure a mobile home screen icon. When your users will save your website link on their mobile home screen for quick access, these icons will be used for that purpose.

4. SMS gateway

A new SMS gateway to be used with SMS verification feature.

5. Block phone numbers

Same way you were able to block IPs and emails, you can now block phone numbers.

This feature is meant to be used as a security measure together with SMS verification to minimize the spam problem on your site. You can block phone numbers which have been used for spam on your site and not allow them to register an account anymore.

6. Google map possibility for List Dealers Page module

Dealers page can now show a map with the dealers location.

7. Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin bottom buttons

If yo have accounts for these social networks you can add them now in Social Networks module

8. New header-mobile banner position added for mobile template

Similar to footer-mobile, a new position for mobile templates located just below the header.

9. Captcha reload button added

For the default captcha a reload button was added to be used when letters are not readable.

10. Show active and inactive users in administrator Users List section

This feature will help you select only active or inactive users.

11. Multicurrency possibility for auctions

Now if Multicurrency module is enabled you can define auctions and place bids using different currencies.

12. Block IPs, emails and phones from Users List and Manage Listings admin side pages using the Block/Unblock button

You can now block much easier IPs, emails and phones directly from Users List and Manage Listings pages. When clicking the Block/Unblock button you will be asked to choose which of the 3 elements you want to block.

13. Search by phone number in Users List section

This feature will help you find a user by the phone number.

14. Can add category_name to search keys in Settings / Listing Settins "Search fields".

When searching for keywords you can now show listings which have that keyword as category name.

Some bugs fixed:

1. Some issues with responsive template Momentum fixed, including the possibility to add responsive Adsense banners

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