OxyClassifieds version 9.9 launched -- Jan 12 2021, 12:00 PM

New additions in version 9.9

2 Factor Authentication for administrator and users.

2 Factor Authentication adds another level of protection to administrator account or/and user accounts. This feature can be enabled from Security / Security Settings section, and if enabled, the login process will ask as a second authentication step for a One Time Password generated using a unique secret key to every account. Administrator can opt to send this password code via SMS, if a SMS gateway is enabled, or a mobile app like Google Authenticator can be used instead to get the One Time Password code.

Openstreetmap as an alternative for Google Maps

Since Google Maps is becoming a paid service, we offer a free option for maps using Openstreetmap. Administrator can choose the map type from Settings / General Settings - Map Type

Location autosuggest and Distance search features are for now only available with Google Maps, and not with the new Openstreetmap implementation.

Code updated for PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8

Fixes to the code for the latest PHP & MySQL versions.

Admin verification for user fields

Admin verification enabled for user fields will keep each value added or edited by users for these fields pending until administrator checks and allows it. It is useful for sensitive information like phone numbers, pictures, HTML code in various situations.

User groups selection for listing fields

You can now assign listing fields to all or some user groups only.

HTML button field type

HTML button is a new type of field which allows HTML code. HTML tags will not be stripped from this field. User will be able to add Payment buttons for example.

We recommend however caution and perhaps using the new Admin verification feature with this to make sure you're not allowing malicious code into your site.

Coupons start and end date

You can configure dates for coupons so they can automatically start at a specific date and expire at a date.

Admin side colorschemes

Different colorschemes for administrator side are now available.

You can now Flag IP addresses

Aside from blocking IP addresses you can now flag them. This way you can monitor some IPs without actually blocking them. IPs can be flagged from Manage Listings, Users List and Messages sections, and can be further managed in Security / Block/Unblock IPs / Flagged IPs

New BitPay / BTCPay Crypto payment gateway

Bitpay Crypto Currencies payment has been added. The implementation is also compatible with BTCPay payment servers

New Payment Gateways: Paydunya, euPlatesc, aamarPay, EBANX

Paydunya - Senegal and other Francophone African countries payment processor

euPlatesc - Romanian payment processor

aamarPay - debit and credit card payment for Bangladesh

EBANX - payment for Latin American consumers


Hide contact via Email button

You have the option in Settings / Listings Settings section to choose if you want to allow Email contact form for listing details page. You have three options: Yes, No and User choice. When the last option is selected the user will be able to choose when posting or editing a listing, or later from My Listings section if the Email contact form should be active for a particular listing.

Possibility to change admin folder name

You can physically change the folder name for administrator side, if you modify one line in the configuration file.

New module: Adblock detector

When Adblock is detected the script displays a window with your own editable text.

New module: Change Foreground Theme

Allow users to select a default theme from their user accounts. The site will be seen with that theme when they are logged with thir user accounts.

Make an Offer for Price extra module

When a listing is marked as Negotiable, on the listing details page there will be a Make an Offer button which guests will be able to use in order to send their offers. The offers will be received via email and can also be seen in My Listings section.

List Dealers Page module new features:

Show Dealers Page only to logged users - hides Dealers List page to not logged in guests.

Categories images - when Group dealers by categories option is enabled you can configure an image for each category.

Comments module new features:

Allow owner to delete comments, Allow owner to enable/disable comments and Allow owner to edit comments

Enable/disable Name field for comments

Ratings and Reviews module new features:

Latest listing reviews and Latest user reviews on the first page.

Enable/disable Name field for reviews

Latest visited module new features:

Show extended list - show a larger number of ads on a separate page with the latest visited ads, aside from the Latest Visited box.

New admin side features

Add multiple categories at once from Manage Categories section

Copy option for categories added - a new category with the same name and features will be created.

Multi select option in Manage listings page for Auto Repost and Bump ads

Various new small features:

Configure as SMS Gateway Settings extra content for the SMS sent to users.

Dealers can edit URL slug option in Settings / Extra visibility options.

Multiselect boxes for Flux template in quick search form.

Enable/disable Verification captcha for Email alerts form.

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