OxyClassifieds version 9.8 launched -- Jan 2 2020, 5:59 PM

New additions in version 9.8

1. New Auto Repost Ads module

Auto Repost ads is a new paid feature which allow users to push their listings to the top of the search list a number of times at a specific interval by changing the listing update date. You as administrator will be able to setup a price per one repost, and users will be able to buy a number of reposts at a selected interval (number of hours or days). They will also be able to select preferred hours when the reposts are executed.

This module can only be used if your hosting allows Cron Jobs. You will need to configure an hourly Cron Job with a line provided in the module settings.
The ads are posted on top by changing the listing update date. If you have Priority ads enabled, the prioritized ads will still show on top of all the other listings, including the reposted ones.

The difference between Auto Repost module and the older Bump ads module is that bumped ads are prioritized ads and will show always on top, while the reposted ads will show after the prioritized ads.

2. New Private site module

If you enable this module, your site will not allow guests to browse your site, only logged in users will be able to access it.

Make sure you edit the text on the login page to explain the users they need to login. You can do that from Templates / Info Templates section, login template.

3. Comments module will allow you to select only a group of categories where comments will be present

4. Linkify module will allow you to enable this feature only for certain User Groups or for Featured ads

5. List Dealers Page module will allow you to configure the order in which the dealers will show

You can select the field which will be used to order the dealers list and the ascending / descending direction.

6. Dealers Page menu link for List Dealers Page module defined as custom page

You can make the settings you can do for any custom page from Tools / Custom Pages section, like changing the menu where the link appears and the order in the menu as well as the title of the Dealers link.

7. HTML Editor for Listing Plans

You can now configure if you want to allow HTML editor for listings from specific plans. You can configure this option now by editing each listing plan from Listings / Listing Plans section.

8. Linkedin and Pinterest Share buttons in Social Networks module

You can enable Linkedin and Pinterest Share buttons to show up in listings details page.

9. IPQualityScore.com added as an option for Spam Prevention module

You can enable IPQualityScore.com checks for IPs and Emails against spam lists. You can also choose to add the IP information received from IPQualityScore.com to users info box which shows up in Users / Users List section by clicking on the info icon. That will give you information like location, ISP, fraud score, if IP is detected as a Proxy, VPN or TOR, or if is a mobile, a crawler or a bot.

10. Limit number of accesses in a period of time for a number of hours in Spam Prevention module

You can block IPs which access your site a minimum number of times during a period of time, or access the same page for a number of times.

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