OxyClassifieds version 9.7 launched -- May 24 2019, 12:11 PM

New additions in version 9.7

1. New URGENT extra option.

Listings will be marked with the URGENT tag to increase visibility. You can use this extra option as a paid one, or you can include it as default option for various listing plans.

2. New Site URL extra option.

If you want to only allow URLs as a paid extra options you can do so now. The URLs will be visible in the listing details page next to a Website URL icon.

3. Multiple Payment Plans for Featured option.

You can now define multiple payment plans for Featured extra option. Each plan will define a price and a period of time.

4. Explanatory text and images for extra options.

You can now improve the way you explain extra options to your users by adding extra text and uploading images which will clarify the way each extra option will increase the ad visibility. You can add these settings from Settings / Extra Visibility Options page.

5. Changes in Search page Noindex, nofollow settings.

You can now configure a third option only for listing search page, Only for pages with no search results, which will mark pages which have no search results as noindex, nofollow pages.

6. An extra option was added to Settings / Email Settings to allow emails to be sent with the administrator email as sender

Some servers only allow sending out emails using a range of emails created on local domains. For these type of servers, make sure you enable Send emails with administrator email as sender option.

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