OxyClassifieds version 9.6 launched -- Jan 20 2019, 7:20 PM

New additions in version 9.6

1. New Suspend/Ban Users module

Using this module you will be able to either suspend users for a number of days or ban them. This is a useful addition to the Spam Prevention module and the Block IP and Email security features.

2. New Showcase module

A new paid feature which allows your users to showcase some of their listings. Those listings will be featured on the user page right on top. You can configure this either as a paid option or an option offered for free for a specific user group.

3. New function added to Spam Prevention module: Waiting Time

Another spam prevention feature which will allow you to configure a minimum waiting time after posting a listing. The users won't be able to post a new listing until the waiting time expires. This can greately reduce the amount of spam listings posted on your site.
You can limit this restriction for just some user groups. This way your premium users will still be able to add big amounts of listings.

4. Changes to Refine search form: the possibility to count the number of ads and multiple choices for menus, depending and radio fields

If you enable the option Count results in refine search in Settings / Listing Settings section, the results for each element and category in the Refine box will be counted. Menus, Radio fields and Depending fields will allow multiple selections for the search using checkboxes.

5. Configure VAT percentage to display on invoices

If your country requires VAT percentage to be present on your invoices you can configure the value of VAT in Settings / Payment Settings / Invoice Settings section.

6. Configure different return percentages and cookie availability for different affiliate user groups

You can now make different settings regarding Affiliates for each of the affiliates user groups.

7. New custom field types: Video and Audio fields

Allow to upload Mp4 files using Video custom field and Mp3 for Audio fields. The videos and audio files will show on your site with the default HTML5 players.

8. 2 new customizable Extra Options for Price Extra module

You can now configure 2 more extra options which will appear with checkboxes similar to Negotiable. Use these for special categories like renting categories or other which may need extra configurable options.

9. Show Click to chat button for Whatsapp fields when accessing from mobile

When accessing from a mobile device, the Whatsapp field will display a Click to chat button instead of showing the Whatsapp number.

10. Allow to search for auctions as administrator in Manage Listings section

11. Possibility added to define messages for login and password recovery pages


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