OxyClassifieds version 9.5 is launched -- May 10 2018, 7:43 AM

Open source script.

Starting with version 9.5, OxyClassifieds is 100% source code. This means you won't be limited in any way if you wish to make modifications to the code.
Also this means Ioncube loaders are no longer a requirement for our script.

New modules:

1. Claim a listing - allows owners to reclaim listings posted without a user account. In case they misplaced the initial email which contains the URL meant to be used to modify or delete the listing data or photos, they can retrieve that URL directly from the listing details page using their email address, without administrator assistance.
2. Mailchimp - ads a new subscription to Mailchimp every time a user registers or a listing contact form is filled.
3. QR code - displays on listing details page a QR code containing the current listing URL.
4. Adult disclaimer - shows an adult content disclaimer for the whole site. The difference between this module and Adult categories module is that the last one only shows the disclaimer when accessing ads belonging to a category, while the new Adult disclaimer module will show the disclaimer text first time when the site is accessed, no matter which page is accessed.

New payment processors:

1. Webxpay - Sri Lanka payment processor https://webxpay.co/
2. mobilPay - Romanian payment processor http://mobilpay.ro/

New features:

1. A new configuration is possible for user groups: Post ads. This particular flag controls if users belonging to that group can post ads or not. This is particularly useful with the next modification regarding affiliate accounts, and you can now decide if you want to allow them to post ads.
2. Affiliates now belong to the same pool as the rest of the users. To give affiliate capabilities to a user group you must enable Affiliate accounts option for that user group settings.
You can allow now affiliates to post ads if you wish using the Post ads configuration for the Affiliates user group.
3. Listings import (admin side) and Bulk uploads (user side) code improvements allow larger import files now. Note the same is not true for Scheduled imports, where there are still limitations depending on your server resources and configuration.
4. When both Username and Email fields are enabled on registration form, users can use either of them to login on their accounts.
5. You can now configure the Noindex, nofollow option for each of the custom pages
6. Flux template allows now extra quick search fields. Any listing custom field which has Quick search option enabled will appear on top search form just like for the other templates.
7. The administrator and moderators can now edit the contact information for listings posted without a user account from Manage Listings section, Modify ad settings.
8. Bumped ads are now marked accordingly on administrator interface as well.
9. News and Listing compare modules have now search engine friendly URLs.
10. Password and Email type fields allow for a new configuration Use double verification. You can choose which of these fields the user will need to repeat to make sure they introduced it correctly.

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