OxyClassifieds version 9.3 is launched -- Oct 24 2017, 6:08 PM

New additions in version 9.3:

1. Location Autosuggest and Distance Search for Flux template

You will be able to enable Location autosuggest and Distance search using Google maps API.

Please consult the online documentation for these features before enabling them.

Important! At the moment these new featured can only be used on Flux template.

2. Video Ads module

Shows a number of video ads on the first page, and a link towards an All video ads page.

3. Auto Renew module

Automatically renews expired ads after a configured number of days. You can choose to renew all ads, or only those belonging to some listing plans.

4. New payment processors - PayU and CinetPay

PayU - processing local payments in 16 markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America.

CinetPay - mobile payment solution for Côte d’Ivoire

5. New SMS Gateway - Altiria

6. Clickable Call and SMS links

When accessing the listing details page with a phone, if a phone field is available it will appear as 2 clickable buttons: Call and SMS, which will initiate either a call or a SMS message for that phone number.

7. Phone number added to contact forms

When sending a message to a listing owner using the contact form, your visitors will be able to enter their phone number in a separate box.

8. Latest visited module changes

You can now configure to show the Latest visited module box on index page as well.

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