OxyClassifieds version 9.2 is launched -- Jun 28 2017, 7:24 AM

New additions in version 9.2:

1. Limit ads per account module

This module allows you to limit the number of total ads posted for a user account. When maximum of allowed ads is reached the older ads will be deleted.

2. Latest Visited module

Shows the latest ads seen by the current visitor. You can configure the number of latest visited ads shown and to choose if to show them on search pages and/or listing details pages.

3. Confirm both via Email and SMS

When configuring user groups or posting listing by not logged in users you will have now the possibility not to choose between the options to activate the account or listings via Email or SMS but you can also select them both. When both the checkboxes are selected, a SMS message is sent containing a code and an Email is sent containing the activation URL where the code must be entered.

4. Mandatory photo as listing plan option

The new option At least one photo mandatory added to the listing plans settings allows you to require at least a photo for listing plans.

5. Extra "Top" banner position on top right of logo for Flux template

An extra banners position which is placed at the right side of the logo only for Flux template for now has been added. Note that banners belonging to this position will only appear on high page widths and will be hidden on smaller widths and mobiles.

6. Facebook Page Plugin, which will replace the deprecated Facebook's Recent Activity and Like Box

Replacing the deprecated Recent Activity and Like Box plugins, Page Plugin offers you the possibility to show feeds from Timeline, Events or Messages of your Facebook page.

7. Seo Settings changes - the possibility to use Smarty tags

In order to create comprehensive sentences as title or meta description for your site, you can now use Smarty tags embeded in the Seo Settings. This feature requires basic understanding of how conditional statements work and understanding of Smarty syntax. Please read our documentation in order to use this feature.

8. All option for menus and depending fields

The new option All for menus and depending fields will show the value All at the top of the list of values. When this value is selected, searches for any value in the list will return a positive for listings which have All value selected.

9. The possibility to disable sending emails to user when a listing is posted

Now you can disable announcing the user when a new listing is posted using the setting Send notification to user / When new listing is posted in Settings / General Settings section.

10. 404 code for non existing listing

Listings which have been deleted will return now 404 Not Found code instead of 200 Ok code.

11. Configure extra sitemap entries

If you need extra entries than the ones automatically generated with the Google Sitemap then you can add them now. Note that the entries need to be in the recognized XML format, so make sure you check the documentation before you use it.

12. Select category for Loan Calculator module

You can now configure only some categories for Loan calculator module, so you can show it when the category is appropriate.

13. New option for Tag Cloud module

The new option Split search expressions in multiple tags was added for Tag Cloud module. When it is enabled, it splits the search key into words and keeps the tags as single words. When it is enabled it keeps the search keys as they are searched, even if they are multiple words.

14. Some Flux template changes

I. If you have a great number of categories Flux template will display them on multiple rows on first page. The number of categories to show on a row is configured using Settings / Site Appearance Categories setting, so don't forget to check that value once you update your site.

II. The category list will display also on mobile version of the responsive template.

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