OxyClassifieds version 9.1 is launched! -- Apr 1 2017, 3:30 PM

New additions in version 9.1:

1. Flux, a new responsive template

The new Flux template a modern looking, cutting edge, responsive template with 11 color schemes, Masonry type grid layout for listings display, a simpler and more condensed listing details page and many more.

2. Private/Professional search tabs

By enabling the Search by account type option from Settings / Listings Settings section and configuring which user groups are considered professionals you will get 3 extra tabs in the search page: All, Private and Professional. Your guests will be able to better select what they are looking for.

3. Whatsapp type custom field

Similar to the Phone field type, Whatsapp will be hidden and with a Show button to hide its contents from bots.

4. One step registration form

The extra pre-register.php page is removed, and the user group is selected directly on registration page.

5. Custom pages can be assigned to user groups

You can now add custom pages which are only visible to some user types. You can select one or multiple user groups, or not logged in guests, and only the selected will be able to see the link and content of the page.

6. This version is fully tested for PHP7

You can now take advantage of PHP7 speed because this version is fully supported.

7. Minimized CSS and Javascript files

CSS and Javascript files are minimized and better packed for the best performance.

8. Default number of credits for user groups

You can now configure a default credits number for users registering to a certain group.

9. Using decimals for number of credits

As requested by many of you, credits support now decimals. From now on credits will not be considered as integer numbers, the exact floating number amount will be deducted when a payment is done.

10. Enable auction directly when posting a listing

If enabled, auctions don't have to be enabled only from My listings section anymore. When posting a listing you have the option to create the auction directly.

11. Enable/Disable listing plans

You don't have to delete unused listing plans now, you can just disable them so you can reuse them later.

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