OxyClassifieds version 8.10 is launched! -- Dec 27 2016, 9:14 PM

New additions in version 8.10:

1. PDF downloadable invoices

You can now generate automatically downloadable PDF invoices for every payment made towards your site. You must enable and configure this option in Settings / Payment Settings / Invoice Settings.

Attention! This feature requires PHP version 5.3 or higher, DOM extension and MBString extension.

2. Bump ad module

A new paid extra feature which allows users to push their listings to the top of the search list for a period of time. You can choose when a listing is bumped to also update the posting date to the current date.

3. Mobile Home Screen Icon module

This module allows you to configure a mobile home screen icon. When your users will save your website link on their mobile home screen for quick access, these icons will be used for that purpose.

4. Experttexting.com SMS gateway

A new SMS gateway to be used with SMS verification feature.

5. Block phone numbers

Same way you were able to block IPs and emails, you can now block phone numbers.

This feature is meant to be used as a security measure together with SMS verification to minimize the spam problem on your site. You can block phone numbers which have been used for spam on your site and not allow them to register an account anymore.

6. Google map possibility for List Dealers Page module

Dealers page can now show a map with the dealers location.

7. Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin bottom buttons

If yo have accounts for these social networks you can add them now in Social Networks module

8. New header-mobile banner position added for mobile template

Similar to footer-mobile, a new position for mobile templates located just below the header.

9. Captcha reload button added

For the default captcha a reload button was added to be used when letters are not readable.

10. Show active and inactive users in administrator Users List section

This feature will help you select only active or inactive users.

11. Multicurrency possibility for auctions

Now if Multicurrency module is enabled you can define auctions and place bids using different currencies.

12. Block IPs, emails and phones from Users List and Manage Listings admin side pages using the Block/Unblock button

You can now block much easier IPs, emails and phones directly from Users List and Manage Listings pages. When clicking the Block/Unblock button you will be asked to choose which of the 3 elements you want to block.

13. Search by phone number in Users List section

This feature will help you find a user by the phone number.

14. Can add category_name to search keys in Settings / Listing Settins "Search fields".

When searching for keywords you can now show listings which have that keyword as category name.

Some bugs fixed:

1. Some issues with responsive template Momentum fixed, including the possibility to add responsive Adsense banners

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