OxyClassifieds version 8.9 is launched! -- Aug 6 2016, 8:06 AM

New additions in version 8.9:

1. Google maps API key addition

Starting recently Google maps API does not permit usage without an API key for new sites. You can now configure a Google maps API key in Settings / General Settings section.

While right now Google maps service will still be available without an API key for sites which used Google maps in the past, it may be that in the future it won't function without an API key. You are advised to generate one using this link and configure it in administrator interface.

2. An update to the database class to use the mysqli extension when installed.

mysql extension for php is becoming obsolete in newer php versions and it is replaced with mysqli. Our script can now choose from the installed extensions the one available.

Some bugs fixed:

1. Meta information not present in some special cases

2. Blocking IP not working from listings and users pages.

3. Mobile-footer banner position not visible.

4. Some bugs in mobile template which prevented post listings form to submit in some cases for mobile version.

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