OxyClassifieds version 8.7 is launched! -- Jun 6 2016, 2:52 PM

New additions in version 8.7:

1. SMS verification using Clickatell

With this version we introduce the possibility to validate user accounts and listings posted without an account via SMS.

For the moment you can use this option using the widely used SMS gateway Clickatell.

2. Added option Unique for custom fields

When this option is enabled, the value for that particular field needs to be unique. If same value exists already in the database for that particular field, it will not allow it.

This option comes handy if you will use the newly added SMS validation option. It will stop users creating multiple accounts with the same phone number.


Fixes for previous versions:

1. Fix for posting listings on Facebook page or account.

2. Some problems with Multicurrency module fixed

3. Fix for Momentum template for Right to left direction

4. Fix for Momentum template when option Location filter is enabled and the location is composed of one field only.

5. Fix for Browse by location module misbehaving when Location filter was enabled .

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