OxyClassifieds version 8.6 is launched! -- Apr 12 2016, 9:30 AM

New additions in version 8.6:

1. Maintenance mode

Set your site in maintenance mode while making updates or other type of changes to your site to avoid your site looking broken to your visitors.

You can enable maintenance mode from "Tools/Maintenance" section. You can add any number of IP addresses as Maintenance IPs, and only those IPs will see your site online and be able to access any of the site pages.


2. New sections added for moderators

We added to the list of sections where moderators can have rights to the following: Custom Pages, Send Bulk Emails, Import/Export, Multicurrency and News modules

3. Enable/disable impressions count for banners

If you have many banners and many accesses to your site, the process of counting each banner access can add unnecessary stress to your server. You might not need to count the accesses if you use other type of banner management system. You can now disable counting accesses from Banners / Banners Settings section.

4. Added the possibility to mark multiple ads as sold or rented

You can now mark multiple ads as sold or rented from admin Manage Listings section or user My listings section.

5. Introduced the possibility to add a logo field for users RSS

If you use logos for users, you can add it to your users RSS by configuring a Logo field.

6. Changes to multicurrency module

Multicurrency module will now transform prices in the chosen currency on listing details page also, and you can view the price in all currencies by holding the mouse over the price.

Fixes for previous versions:

1. Some template corrections

2. Some RSS feed issues fixed

3. Fixes for banners not being responsive in Momentum template

4. Fixes for view messages thread problem

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