Can I use my license on multiple domains?

No. One license is for one domain only. But you can make multiple installations on the same domain, on different subdomains. Example: your domain is example.com. You can install the script in http://cars.example.com, http://jobs.example.com , http://estate.example.com.

Can I customize the script with my currency?

The script allows you to make a series of settings for your script localization: currency and currency position, numbers and prices format, date format, charset, timezone. These settings can be made from administrator interface Settings / Localization section.

Can I customize the script for my country?

Yes. You can customize the location fields for our script. By default location is represented by two fields: Country&Region and City. Country&Region is a depending field and you can edit the countries and states list from Settings / Listing Custom Fields section by clicking on Country&Region field name or on Edit Depending Field icon for this custom field.

If your site is for a restricted area only or you need another setup for your location fields, you can simply delete the default ones and add others from the same section Settings / Listing Custom Fields. More information about how to work with Custom Fields can be found in this section of documentation: Listing Custom Fields.

Do you have the script translated in X language?

Please check our list with supported languages!!!!!. If your language is not supported, you can make the translation easily. All you need to do in order to translate the frontend interface is translate a single language file.

This language file can be translated on your computer or directly from web interface. You can check the file that needs translated on one of our demo after logging in as administrator in Templates / Language Templates section.

To have the administrator backend translated as well, you will need to translate an extra language file, the language file for administrator interface.

Is my hosting suitable for your script? (will my script run on my hosting?)

Please consult the Requirements section and compare it with your server features. If you don't know how to check, you can provide us with a temporary FTP account to your server and our team will check it for you.

Can I add add my own banners to the site?

Yes. Our system has implemented a banners system. When first installed your script will have no banners added. You will need to add them for the location and pages you want from administrator Banners section. Please consult our documentation for more details.

Do you offer phone support?

No. At the moment we only offer email support.

What is the real price of the script? Do I need to pay something else, are there any hidden fees?

The final price is the one listed in Prices section. There are no hidden fees. The script you buy has lifetime availability and free support and updates for 6 months.

After 6 months of free updates and support, if you want to update your script to the last version, or you still need our support, then you will need to extend your account updates and support for 6 months more. You will find the price listed on prices page, and you can purchase it from your client account.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay for the script using one of the following payments: PayPal or Share-it. We accept payments with PayPal accounts, Mastercard/Eurocard, Visa, American Express, and Diner's Club online. Alternatively, we support bank transfer / wire transfer, and accept Checks and Money Orders through postal mail.

When and how do I receive the script after I place the order?

You will receive immediately after you complete the payment an email containing a download link for the script. If you did not received an email for your placed order in 24 hours please write us.

Do you offer install services?

We offer free installation once you bought the script. Our team will install the script for you. To request a free installation you will need to fill in the free install request form .You can access this form once you buy the script, from your client account in Resources section.

Can I change the default top logo?

Yes, you can do this easily from Administrator interface. To do this go to Settings / Site Appearance section and upload your new logo in Header logo field.

Can I add AdSense banners to my site?

Yes. You will need an AdSense account. When adding a new banner use the type "Code" for your banner and then paste code you generate using your AdSense account to the Code box.

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