Bulk uploads

To upload bulk listings you must first create a csv file following the model below. Add multiple listings by repeating this line:

"title","description","category_id", "price", "currency", "state", "city", "zip", "meta_description", "meta_keywords", "make", "model", "year", "mileage", "bodystyle", "transmission", "fuel", "doors", "color", "vehicle_features", "pictures"

For each field you will find below a description as well as possible values the field can take.

The fields that you can use can be of 2 types: mandatory and optional. Mandatory fields must have a value set, while optional fields can be left blank. Even if you don't set a value for a field you must place the quotes for that field.

Do not omit the quotes for any field! It is important that each line has the same number of elements.

Note that:

You can see a sample for a bulk upload csv file here. To save it on your computer use File / Save Page As or similar from your browser.

CSV sample

"Sample title no 1","Sample description no 1","2", "100", "$", "London", "London", "12345", "Meta description for listing no 1", "keyword1, keyword2, keyword3", "Chevrolet", "Corvette", "2008", "40000", "Convertible", "Automatic", "Gas", "2", "Black", "Alarm|ABS|Driver Airbag|Electronic Stability Program (ESP)", "https://www.oxyclassifieds.com/bu_samples/images/bv_image1.jpg,https://www.oxyclassifieds.com/bu_samples/images/bv_image2.jpg"

Mandatory fields:

Optional fields: